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If you're unfamiliar with Itchfunding, please take a look at the Itchfunding FAQ. This is a complete game, but it is bare bones. It has no art, no fancy layout, and no character sheets... Yet.

Featured by InThe News from C. A. Berlitz.

You have just been initiated into the Medusa’s Marauders Motorcycle Club. Outsiders call members of the Club, "Marauders". You can now proudly wear the colors of our organization. You have proven yourself capable as a mage and protector of the arcane secrets known only to those who live their lives slinging spells while barreling down the open highway on two wheels. 

As a full member, it is your sacred duty to protect the M.C. and above all, the arcane mysteries that exist on forgotten highways obscured by decades of magical conflict. We travel these roads where the mundane people cannot go and provide directions on the speediest way back to Hell for the denizens who wander too close to our domain.

Actual Play

Medusa's Marauders M.C. was made for Harmony Jam and utilizes the Harmony Drive SRD by Peach Garden Games and The Magic of Names by Thomas Manuel. Promotional art by Nico Padua (@bukancicak). Character sheet mock-up by Maurice Reimann (@vetaro). Encounter Flowchart by Adam Silverstein and toomanyfeelings5 (Emily).

Feel free to download the Mx3 Quickstart Sample Play and try out the game for yourself at no cost.

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Buy Now
On Sale!
50% Off
$20.00 $10.00 USD or more

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Mx3IE_v0-10.pdf 459 kB

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Download demo

Mx3 Cheat Sheet.pdf 49 kB
Mx3QuickstartSampler.pdf 117 kB
Mx3 Character Sheet.pdf 482 kB
Mx3 Encounter Flowchart.pdf 21 kB

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