Therapeutic Blasphemy Games

A conversational game to reflect on and speak honestly about suicide
a game about managing what you can control when things all around you are out of control.
A Lasers & Feelings hack about not taking any more shit from polite society
A no non-sense tarot deck for casual users in the TTRPG community
A short dungeon crawl compatible with MÖRK BORG.
A zine about how we build community and connection in a digital age.
A trio of games inspired by the music of Jon Gomm
A time-saving, stress-reducing resource for TTRPG makers.
A new game of community, collaboration, and cooperation
A Game of Quick and Brutal Horror
A solo-journaling game about first-time big magic
A game of making kin with rehomed tech
A feminist redux on the classic vampire theme.
A one-page RPG of clockwork and reflection
A game of community, collaboration, and cooperation.

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