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Have you ever tried to explain tabletop role-playing games to someone who doesn't know the first thing about them? Maybe a relative, maybe just a friend with vastly different interests and life experiences? That's the problem Jamie had every time she tried to tell her mother-in-law about her writing for D&D. Rather than try to force her to play a session of a wildly complex game in a setting that wouldn't likely appeal to her, Jamie decided to make a game specifically for her.

In comes Our Hero Neighbors: A Game of Community, Collaboration, and Cooperation where players assume the lives of people living in Smalltown, USA. Each member of the town is unique and has various things they are good at, things they can do, and what they cherish about the town. The town is visited by a variety of strange phenomena from mundane to cosmic horror depending on who's playing. The townspeople must come together to resolve situations from within and out of their community.

The game rewards efforts to solve problems through communication, working together, and being the best versions of one's self. It's not always easy and Our Hero Neighbors doesn't shy away from the fact that sometimes things between neighbors aren't rosy. This game encourages players to treat the problems other players' characters present to them as opportunity to develop their character and form new bonds within the fictional community.

This game is intentionally minimalist in its design and is intended for 3-5 players but can sustain upwards of 8 people.

Actual Play

Our Hero Neighbors by Direcast (Part 1) (Part 2) (Part 3)

CategoryPhysical game
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AuthorTherapeutic Blasphemy Games
GenreRole Playing
Tagscollaboration, community, cooperation, Gay, leftist, Narrative, Non violent, Tabletop
Average sessionA few hours


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If I had to start my whole experience in tabletop RPGs again I would want to start with this game. Light rules that perfectly capture the joy in telling a story and rolling dice to find out what happens. Ideal for suburban dramas, supernatural mysteries, or any setting inspired by the communities we inhabit.