A fresh coat of paint and other updates

Hi all,

For those of you already have Our Hero Neighbors this might be a total shock, but I put an entirely fresh coat of paint on the game that started it all. This was originally part of the project of updating names on games to reflect the change from personal name to publisher name, but Our Hero Neighbors was made using InDesign which a program I no longer use. Therefore the game had to be reconstituted from the text-only version into a new file that could be remade and edited again and again. 

Mechanically, nothing about the game has changed. I added a 2022 retrospective and an about section to the end, but it is still the same game. This updated version is free for everyone who already owns Our Hero Neighbors.

In love and power,

Therapeutic Blasphemy Games


Our Hero Neighbors.pdf 871 kB
Jan 25, 2022
Our Hero Neighbors [TEXT ONLY].pdf 78 kB
Jan 25, 2022
Our Hero Neighbors [TEXT ONLY].txt 10 kB
Jan 25, 2022

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